We’re Here For You

With so many of us now working from home or confined to self-isolation, your computers & online services are perhaps now more important than ever before.

With the current restrictions on non-essential travel and social distancing in place, we are still here to help, albeit with some operational changes for the safety of our customers and our team.


While travel and social distancing measures remain in place, we are no longer providing an on-site repair service.

Wherever your issue can be resolved remotely, over the telephone or by email, we will offer this service first.

Where a remote service is not possible, such as with physically damaged or inoperable devices, we may be able to provide a collection & return service in areas where your local technician is still able to travel.

Collect & Return

We are only offering a collection & return service where a solution isn’t possible any other way.

Wherever we’re able to provide a collect & return service, our technicians will not enter your home or business premises. We are requesting that customers leave devices in a bag or box on the doorstep or inside a contained porch or garage. Our technician will collect without contact other than by telephone to confirm a time of arrival so that you can safely make the item available.

Where submitting a laptop, phone or tablet for repair, please ensure you include your power cable/charger as your technician may not have access to a compatible spare.

Some PCs and All-in-One models also have a specific adaptor to power them. If your device uses a standard 3 pin “kettle lead” type to power it, there is no need to include this. If you are unsure, please include your power cable anyway.

Taking Sensible Precautions

If anybody in your household is designated as high risk, or if you are currently self-isolating due to either having the virus or you or somebody in your household are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, please ensure you make us aware of this before arranging any collection.

Your technician will wear latex gloves whilst collecting & repairing your device (unless it has a touch screen). They will also hygienically wipe any external surfaces prior to return.


We will never ask you for payment up-front for any collect & return services – payment is only required on the return of a successfully repaired device.

Our preferred method of payment is by Bank Transfer (BACS), but you can also pay by debit/credit card over the telephone or by cash in an unsealed envelope.

Tech Support Club

Our Tech Support Club service remains unchanged at this time and members may contact us in the usual way for help with any issues.

For details on our Tech Support Club and how we can provide ongoing support for your technology for a low monthly payment, please visit our Tech Support Club page.

Contacting Us

Our call centre is currently operating on a reduced number of staff who are working from home.

If you are having any difficulty getting through on the phone, please be patient and try again – we will answer your call when a member of staff is available.

Wherever possible, please contact us by completing an enquiry form on our main contact page or on your specific area page. You can also email your enquiry to helpme@computerrepairman.co.uk

Please remember to provide your postcode, an email address and phone number (preferably mobile). It would be helpful if you could also include the make and model of your computer – you should be able to locate this on a label on your device. This will help us to follow up your request efficiently.

If you do not know the make & model of your device, running our free computer health check tool will produce a report on your computers specification with the required information.

We may choose to contact you via email or text message in the first instance to keep our phone lines available for incoming enquiries, so please look out for our communications on these channels, including your junk or spam folder.

Thank you!

Our team would like to thank you for your continued support. We will do whatever we can to continue to provide our fast and efficient repair service and keep you online & working during these challenging times.