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Free Computer Health Check

Our free computer health check will detail your computers specification & highlight any common issues that may need fixing. It’s free, fast, anonymous and safe. Works on all Windows PC’s & Laptops

Free Computer Health Check for Windows PCs and Laptops

Computer Repair Man - Free Windows PC & Laptop Health Check & Specifications Scanner. It's Fast & It's Free!

Sorry, our free computer health check is only available on a Windows PC or laptop. Please visit again from a supported device.

(Tip: If you are viewing this on a Windows PC or laptop, make your browser window larger to display the page)

Try our Free Computer Health Check

Computer Specification

Our tool generates a report detailing your computers specification, including make & model, available & used disk space, CPU speed, memory capacity etc. We can use this to advise you on possible upgrades available for your computer.

Common Issues

Our tool will also scan your computer for common issues found on Windows based systems. Including security, hardware, driver, software, update, capacity and other common problems.

Free, Fast & Easy to Use

Running a scan is free, a matter of seconds and extremely easy to use. The scan program does not need to be installed and the results are clearly explained ordered by importance.

Anonymous & Safe

No personal details are retrieved and there are no checks for illegal software. The scan program only performs checks and does not make any changes to your computer.

How to use our free computer health check & specificiations scanning tool


Pressing the “Run scan” button and then selecting “Single scan” will download a small program which you will need to open/run in order to compile your report.

In Google Chrome, you should see the download appear in the lower left of your browsers window.

In Microsoft Edge & Firefox, you should see the download appear in the top right of your browsers window (indicated by an arrow icon pointing down).

If you are unable to locate the download, you will find it in your Downloads folder. Please note that this tool is for Windows PCs and laptops only.


If you have been directed to run this scan by your local technician and the “Our reference” box below is pre-filled, please do not change it or your local technician may not receive the results. If the “Our reference” box below is empty, please enter your email address before running the scan. The results will then be forwarded to your local Computer Repair Man technician who will be in touch after they have reviewed the results.

For an entirely anonymous scan visible only to you, you may leave this box empty. You may run this scan as many times as you like.