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What is our Tech Support Club?

We created our Tech Support Club with the aim of helping you get the most from your computers and technology, keep you and your family safe online and help protect your precious data. Whatever help you need and whatever your skill level, we will provide you with the resources and assistance to help you get things done and solve the inevitable problems that occur from time to time.

Who is it for?

Anybody who relies on their computers and technology and don’t know where to turn when things go wrong!

Computers and technology are becoming increasingly important for everybody. Whether you just use your computer to browse the web and send emails, help out your local club or parish magazine with putting their newsletters together, use Skype to speak to family and friends far away, or maybe you are reliant on technology to run your small business – inevitably problems pop up!

Most people use technology reluctantly, they rely on it, but they have no idea what to do when things aren’t working quite as they should.

Many rely on their family and friends to help out, only to wait for weeks or months with promises of help unfulfilled, or even worse, for them to take a look and make things worse.

That’s why we are here for you! We can provide you with cost effective, on demand access to solutions and help with your computers and technology. Think of us as your own personal computer department, your friends who know about computers.

So how does it work?

Simple. Notify us of the problems you are having and we can resolve them by connecting to your computer remotely.

What is included in our Tech Support Club Membership?

Unlimited email & remote support

Help with any of your general Microsoft Windows software problems. For more details of the range of problems we can help you with, please see our article here.

Proactive care

Regular clean ups & performance tune-ups to your computer. We will keep your computer well maintained and ensure it is working as well as it can at all times.

Guides and advice

As we become aware of common issues and security threats, we provide advice and information to our members on how to spot and avoid these problems, including scams, malware, virus outbreaks, issues with software updates etc, keeping you safe and secure.

How much does our Tech Support Club Membership cost?

Support Club Membership costs just £19 per month.

How do I pay for it?

We collect your payments monthly by direct debit. All payments are protected by the Direct Debit guarantee and we do not collect any financial information from you.

Is there a minimum membership term?


Do you provide onsite support?

All services provided to you as a member of Tech Support Club are provided by remote support connection to your computer, by telephone or by email.

The majority of problems you are likely to encounter will be software in nature. Providing you have a working Internet connection, most issues can be fixed without the need to call out to your home.

However, if your computer requires a re-installation of Windows or you have a hardware issue such as a faulty hard drive or your computer will not turn on, it may be necessary for a technician to visit to carry out a repair. If you are in an area we can service, we will provide a local expert at a discounted rate to all members of our Tech Support Club.